WMF Meat Skewer / Paper Knife



Unique silver-plated "Snake of Aesculapius" meat skewer (letter opener / paper knife) by WMF from the early 20th century.



This German Art Nouveau meat skewer is made from silver-plated brass and hallmarked "W.M.F.M. I/0". The spiral has been modelled in the form of the Snake of Aesculapius and designed to hold a bouquet of herbs or flowers (see last picture from WMF's 1925/6 catalogue). It can be used perfectly as a letter opener or paper knife as well - the ideal gift for a doctor.

The hallmark "W.M.F." is the abbreviation for Württem-

bergische Metallwarenfabrik, which in English means Württemberg Metalware Factory. The "M" at the end of the hallmark notates the base metal used for silvering, that means brass. The fraction "I/0" means the normal thickness of silvering.



WMF was founded in Geislingen, Germany, in 1880 and gained international standing very quickly. Already at the turn of the century the factory became a highly estimated producer of silver-plated Art Nouveau tableware and household items and employed 3.000 workers in Geislingen.



This meat skewer is in excellent vintage condition.



Length: 16 cm - 6.3"

Length of handle: 4 cm - 1.6"

Height of spiral: 2 cm - 0.8"

Meat Skewer
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